Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the Georgia Youth Bowlers Tour (GYBT)?

    The GYBT exists to provide Youth Bowlers the opportunity to qualify for the annual Junior Gold national youth tournament in which about 3500 youth from across the country participate.

  • As a bowler, what am I competing for at a GYBT tournament?

    Each monthly tournament has 3 things happening all at once. First, bowlers are competing within their divisions to decide who will be the winner of the day. They'll also be competing for berths to the annual Junior Gold national championships. Lastly, they're earning points that contribute to their Bowler of the Year standings within GYBT (SMART Scholarship).  The 5 games they bowl that day will decide all three.

    Also, once a youth bowler has competed in 3 events (2 events for collegiate bowlers; see details in the GYBT rules), they are eligible to compete in the annual season-ending Tournament of Champions (TOC). The TOC awards the bulk of scholarship monies from the Tour (~$8,000 total).

  • What is the USBC membership requirement to participate with GYBT?

    A bowler must have the Basic Youth Membership. This is usually purchased through the league in which you bowl (e.g. Saturday morning league). We are aware that there is a slightly different membership obtained by those bowling at the collegiate level.

  • Do I need to pre-register for an event?

    NO and Yes. Just show up for the monthly tournaments. However, the end of season Tournament of Champions (TOC) REQUIRES pre-registration. See the TOC rules for details (separate document).

  • Do I need to bowl in ALL events?

    No. That said, every event bowled contributes to a bowler's Bowler of the Year standing. See more information below.

  • What are the lane conditions used?

    We use sport oil patterns (a.k.a. "sport shots"). This is different than the standard or "house patterns" you'll normally encounter at your bowling center when bowling recreationally or during most Saturday morning youth leagues. The sport patterns do provide a significantly greater challenge to the bowler. One way of describing it is  a house pattern is designed to make striking easier for the bowler, whereas sport patterns are designed to make it harder.

  • Do you announce the oil pattern before competition?

    The Junior Gold tournament does not announce the oil patterns and consequently we don't either. We will announce the pattern at the end of competition, so keep your notebooks handy so you can learn from your experience. Again, we're using our tournaments as a crucible in which you can develop your skills as a bowler to be successful at the national level.

  • My Saturday league lets us wear hats and shorts. Is this permitted?

    Absolutely not. A key mission of GYBT is to prepare our athletes for the Junior Gold tournament; therefore we govern ourselves with their rules on dress code. Please see the GYBT Rules document for details on dress code. If you have any questions our tournament staff is available to provide clarifications onsite or online.

  • How much does it cost to bowl a GYBT event?

    The U12 divisions are $40.00 per bowler. The U15/U20 divisions are $60.00 per bowler.

  • Why so much?

    Each Junior Gold spot awarded costs: U12 = $100, U15 = $150, U20 = $200 and the entry fees go to cover these fees and scholarship awards.

  • Does the GYBT award SMART scholarships?

    Yes! There are 2 ways to earn scholarship awards: Bowler of the Year and the Tournament of Champions. See below for details on each.

  • What are the Bowler/Parent Sportsmanship pledges and why are they important?

    As the level of sophistication and competiveness of youth sports increases, we at times, have seen the boundaries of good sportsmanship challenged.

    The pledges are a way to define the standards of sportsmanship expected on the GYBT and reinforce that all bowlers perform their best and are successful when they compete with good sportsmanship.

  • What is Junior Gold?

    The Junior Gold Championship is a national level championship tournament held annually for youth bowlers.  The location varies from year to year, moving from city to city around the USA. More information can be found online at

  • Must I have a Junior Gold Membership to bowl a GYBT event?


  • How does the GYBT help prepare youth to prepare for the Junior Gold event?

    Each of our events attempts to mimic the atmosphere that youth encounter at the event: Sport bowling shots (oil patterns), dress code, bowling on 5 different pairs of lanes, score verification with an opponent, bowling with other youth you may/may not know.

  • How many Junior Gold spots are awarded at each GYBT tournament?

    This varies based on the turn out for a given tournament and is based on the advancement ratios defined by the Junior Gold guidelines. In the U12Boys/U12Girls divisions, for each 4 bowlers one (1) spot is awarded (4:1 ratio). In the U15Girls/U20 Girls divisions also use a ratio of 4:1. The U15 Boys/U20 Boys divisions use a 5:1 ratio.

  • How many youth bowlers typically qualify for the Junior Gold Tournament annually through GYBT?

    Typically, over the course of our eleven events at least 70-80 youth will qualify.

  • Do I have to win an event to qualify to Junior Gold?

    No. Firstly, multiple berths can be awarded based tournament attendance and the ratios above. Secondly, if the top bowlers in a division have already qualified, the berths slide down the results until they find a competitor that had not yet qualified.

  • Is the GYBT the only way to qualify for Junior Gold?

    No. Events like the annual Georgia USBC Youth Pepsi Championship also awards berths to Junior Gold. However, the GYBT provides the most opportunities both through the frequency of its tournaments and quantity of berths.

  • What is the Bowler of the Year award?

    Each age/gender divisions awards a Bowler of the Year SMART scholarship in the amount of $250 based on the Bowler of the Year point standings accumulated over the course of the season.

  • How do bowlers earn Bowler of the Year points?

    Bowlers will receive points for each event in which they participate and their finishing position. Example of points: 1st place=8 point, 2nd place=7 points, 6th place=5 points, etc. Every bowler is awarded at least one (1) point. The more events a bowler participates in, the more opportunities they have to earn points.

  • What is the Tournament of Champions (TOC)?

    The TOC is GYBT's season ending championship event, held here in Georgia.

  • When is the TOC?

    Generally it's a multi-day tournament spread over a Saturday and Sunday in early summer. Please check the GYBT schedule for specific dates (separate document).

  • What is the TOC format?

    Bowlers bowl numerous games for total pin fall. After the qualifying games are completed each division cuts their field for a stepladder final. Please see the TOC rules for details (separate document).

  • What scholarships are awarded at the TOC?

    Scholarships are won based on finishing position and some other categories (e.g. high game). The total purse for the TOC is based on entry fees over the course of the season and generally is around $8,000.