Rules & Regulations

Tournament Format

Bowlers will bowl five games for total pin-fall (scratch; no handicap). Each game is bowled on a pair of lanes, moving one pair of lanes to the right after each game. All regular season ties are settled using highest game(s) culminating in a coin flip by the tournament directors.


Bowler must be a USBC Certified Youth bowler. Each event is a Junior Gold qualifying event and if the bowler wants to concurrently compete for a Junior Gold spot (optional), they must have a current Junior Gold membership prior to the start of the competition (can be secured day-of during registration; see “Junior Gold” below).

Age Divisions

Bowlers compete across 8 divisions, by age and gender:
2019-2020 Season divisions are as follows:

Division Birthdays between
U12 Boys/ U12 Girls 08/01/2007 or later
U15 Boys/ U15 Girls 08/01/04 – 07/31/07
U17 Boys/ U17 Girls 08/01/02 - 07/31/04
U20 Boys/ U20 Girls 08/01/99 – 07/31/02

Playing Up in Age Division

Athletes have the option of competing in an age division older than what their birthdate provides. This has important implications that need to be considered:

  • Junior Gold qualification spots are earned in the division in which the athlete competes and are not transferable to another division.
  • Bowler of the Year points count toward the division in which the athlete competed.
  • Athletes are not allowed to be lane assigned with an older age group if they are not competing in that age group.


Check-in refers to the published schedule time. Bowling will begin approximately 1 hour after check-in opens. All bowlers MUST have their completed entries turned into the tournament office no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of competition.

Items required at check-in include:

  • Tournament Entry Form (must be filled out completely each tournament)
  • USBC Certification Card
  • Junior Gold Card
  • Bowler/Parent Sportsmanship Pledges (must be filled out once each season)
  • Travel Authorization form (must be filled out once each season


If the bowler does not provide the above items or they are not filled out completely, the bowler will not be allowed to check-in. If the bowler is checked-in, but arrives late to their pair of lanes at the start of competition, they will be allowed to bowl but will receive a zero for any frames missed. At the conclusion of their shift bowlers will have 10 minutes to turn their scores into the tournament office, or they may be disqualified.

Dress Code

Tournament management will determine if the uniform worn by the participant is acceptable. If the uniform is deemed unacceptable, the participant will be required to change the uniform immediately. If the participant is unable to change into a compliant uniform, they will be removed from the competition for that day.


Competitors shall provide their own bowling shirt with a collared, V-neck, rib-lined or banded necklines. Mock collar must be a minimum of three-quarters of one inch. All shirts must have finished sleeves for all competition. Females may wear a sleeveless shirt with a butterfly collar only if the sleeves are finished. It is recommended that participants have their names on their shirts, but it is not required. If the participant choses to have a name on the back it is recommended that the participants wear their last names (first and last name is recommended) in lettering a minimum of one-inch high and a maximum of three inches high, on the back of shirts during all tournament play. Hand-printed lettering is not permitted. Lettering must be in contrasting color to backing (light on dark, or dark on light material) so it can be easily read from a distance.


Male participants are required to wear slacks. Slacks must not contain drawstring waists or elastic bottoms. Slacks must have a zipper and a button to be eligible. Jeans are not permitted. Female participants are required to wear slacks, skirts, culottes, skorts or walking shorts. All skirts, culottes, skorts, or walking shorts must be no shorter than one-half the distance from the inseam to the top of the knee in length and/or no shorter than the fingertips when the arms are at their sides while standing. Jeans and yoga pants are not permitted.


No covering or sunglasses can be worn while practicing or competing (hats, caps, or bandannas, etc.). Male participants cannot wear any headgear while practicing or competing, unless a request is made in writing and approved prior to the event.


No practice will be allowed prior to the beginning or during the 5-game competition. All bowlers will be given 10 minutes of warm up on their starting pair of lanes prior to the start of the 5-game competition.

Lane Maintenance (Patterns)

A fair, equitable, Sport Compliant lane condition for all event lanes is the primary objective of the Junior Gold lane conditioning program. The GYBT will not disclose any of the oil pattern information until after the event has concluded. It is prohibited to discuss lane maintenance procedures with lane maintenance personnel at any time prior to or during a GYBT event. Any issues regarding this policy must be made to the GYBT Board.

Bowler and Parent Sportsmanship Pledges

The GYBT takes seriously their role in helping the development of youth athletes. We have both Bowler and Parent Sportsmanship Pledges that speak to behavior, attitude, etc. These pledges MUST be signed off on at the first event you enter.


The use of profanity (Verbal or Non-Verbal), alcohol or tobacco products by any youth bowler will not be permitted from the time they check in to the time they turn in their score sheet. The first violation of this rule will be a warning; the second violation will be disqualification without a refund. Any rules not specifically listed will be governed by the USBC. We also ask that all adults refrain from the use of profanity, alcohol or tobacco products until all youth bowlers have completed their bowling. Any bowlers or spectators not conducting themselves in an appropriate sportsman-like manner will be disqualified, in the case of the bowler, or asked to leave the tournament area, in the case of a spectator.


It is important for GYBT to maintain the integrity of their tournaments and to be attractive guests to the bowling center operators on whom GYBT depends. Consequently, lofting is not allowed beyond the arrows (~15’). The athlete’s ball must contact the lane before the arrows. First violation will result in a warning and loss of frame. Second violation will result in disqualification. GYBT also wants to remind athletes they are personally responsible for any damage caused by their behavior.

Junior Gold

Each event will be a Junior Gold qualifying event. The bowler(s) with the highest five game total in each age group will qualify for the Junior Gold National Championship (see for details). We will qualify a minimum of 1 in 4 girl bowlers and 1 in 5 boy bowlers. To be eligible for the Junior Gold qualifying portions of this event the bowler MUST be a USBC certified youth bowler and a Junior Gold member in good standing. Junior Gold membership cards must be presented at the time of check-in. If the bowler is not a Junior Gold member they MUST fill out the Junior Gold membership form and pay all applicable dues prior to the check-in deadline.

Tournament of Champions (TOC)

The Tournament of Champions is the season ending tournament. To be eligible to bowl in the annual TOC a bowler must have participated in 3 GYBT events from the current season. Exceptions are made for full time college students and they are eligible after participating in 2 GYBT events. See separate document covering the TOC rules.

Bowler of the Year

We will recognize a “Bowler of the Year” in each of the 8 divisions. Bowlers will receive points for each event in which they participate. Ties within an event will receive equal points. At the end of the season the bowlers with the most total points in each division win the title “Bowler of the Year” and a SMART scholarship of $250. In the unlikely event of a tie in the year-end results, the tie will be broken with a one full game tiebreaker. Points are awarded as follows:

1st 8 pts.
2nd 7 pts.
3rd 6 pts.
4th 5 pts.
5th 4 pts.
6th 3 pts.
7th 2 pts.
8th and lower 1 pt.

Tournament Committee

The tournament committee will handle all disputes and rule violations; the Tournament Committee’s decision is final unless an appeal is made in accordance with Rule 329. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to change the format etc. – this includes practice prior to stepladder competition, or cancel a tournament without prior notice, or delay the start of an event up to ten minutes.